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Reducing call time by 80% with a custom field tool

Darren Harding
Compliance & Training Manager
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“V88 are the only people we trust to handle our more complex tasks, and we don’t see any need to go elsewhere when we have such a great professional relationship.”

Client Background

Darren Harding, Compliance & Training Manager at SkySpecs, played a key role in leveraging nocode technology to improve team collaboration. SkySpecs, a company specializing in drone wind-farm management, had already invested in tools that helped them better collaborate, and they were looking to further enhance their capabilities.


The challenge was to expand upon an existing app, initially developed using Glide, to incorporate more complex features. The goal was to enhance team collaboration and communication to they could oversee and manage their global operations.


The app we developed for them provided more advanced features, such as team check-ins using location tracking and signature confirmation, along with customisable education frameworks. It also included a team map displaying recent check-ins and media uploads, thereby improving global team awareness and coordination.


Our approach was focused on functionality and user experience. We worked closely with Darren and the SkySpecs team to understand their specific needs and how these new features could be seamlessly integrated into the existing app framework.


  1. Enhanced Location Tracking: We integrated real-time location tracking for global team check-ins.
  2. Signature Confirmation Feature: We implemented an in-app signature confirmation to authenticate updates.
  3. Media Library and Interactive Learning: We then developed a team media library and innovative learning resource within the app for better global team engagement.


  • Metrics: The improved app boosted global team coordination and communication, cutting call time by 80%, freeing up a day each week. Field team members doubled their uptake.

Lessons Learned

The project highlighted the importance of understanding specific operational challenges and developing tailored digital solutions. It also showcased the value of a strong client-developer relationship in achieving successful project outcomes.


We significantly upgraded SkySpecs' internal app, making it a pivotal tool for global team collaboration and management. The project's success is a testament to the power of tailored nocode solutions in solving complex operational challenges and enhancing team efficiency and communication.

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V88 always approached our project in a fast and timely manner with a clear discussion before any work was completed. Whenever there were any questions or topics that needed answering or discussing, V88 and Oscar always got in touch, and we had a detailed 2-way conversation about what we wanted and how it would work functionally. They were great to work with, and V88 are the only company I'd consider working with. They are always available and ready to offer any support needed, even after the project has been completed. Nothing is too much for the guys at V88, and I expect to continue having a great relationship with the whole team. The results have been fantastic. With our project, we very much wanted to run our own app and build it out ourselves to reduce costs and be able to handle small issues internally however, whenever we needed a more complex task completed, Oscar and the rest of the team were there to help and at a great price. They have always offered great support, advice and guidance. We are already using them again. V88 are the only people we trust to handle our more complex tasks, and we don’t see any need to go elsewhere when we have such a great professional relationship.

Darren Harding

Compliance & Training Manager


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