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Why spend £100,000 on developers when you can get better results for a fraction of the cost?

Stop overspending on traditional app development. Scale smarter, save an average of 75% in costs, and build in a fraction of the usual time.

Pricing options

Transform your business from as little as 7 days with our proven plan to get results.

Small projects: e.g., proof of concepts, prototypes, app improvements, etc.
Timeframe: 1-2 Weeks
Medium projects: e.g., internal tools, membership platforms, etc.
Timeframe: 3-4 Weeks
Large projects: e.g., complex solutions, platforms with multiple integrations, etc.
Timeframe: 8-12 Weeks
V88 approach
Our proven plan is all about cutting costs and growing faster.

Solutions are built much more quickly using visual interfaces and data components. This leads to faster deployment, faster time to market and maximum benefit.


Solutions generally cost significantly less in terms of time and resource. This enables innovation and allows rapid return on investment.


Solutions are typically built in a dynamic, collaborative fashion, sharing the progress at every stage. The client is constantly involved to guarantee a successful outcome.


Solutions are designed such that modifications are simple to undertake and have minimal side-effects. This allows for an extremely low risk and agile approach to the project.


Solutions are regularly updated as platform enhancements occur. This means that they remain modern and current, helping to maximise user engagement throughout the lifecycle.

Traditional Development
Your only option for a custom app, until now.

Solutions take longer to scope, longer to design and longer to build. This delays deployment and can reduce the associated benefits of the project.


Solutions that take more time and involve more people typically cost more. This can often make them cost prohibitive before even starting.


Solutions are often built in a very siloed manner with little client collaboration. This means that the final result may not match the client’s original vision.


Solutions can be extremely difficult to modify, both during and after the development process. Even simple changes can lead to significant additional time and cost.


Solutions are generally frozen at the point of handover. No further updates occur over time and so the look and feel can quickly become outdated reduce user adoption.

How It Works

Customised tools and apps to elevate your business.

Phase 1

Conceptualise & Initiate

Define your project's scope, set benchmarks for success, and launch a preliminary version for initial feedback.

Phase 2

Refine & Enhance

Collect and analyse user feedback, refine your app for better performance, and integrate new, impactful features.

Phase 3

Expand & Optimise

Finalise your product, prepare for a wider release, and strategise for ongoing performance enhancement and user engagement.

What our customers say

We love to build long term partnerships with our clients.

The team at V88 has assisted us with the development of two separate apps to improve efficiency in our marine survey work and present a better standard of reporting to our clients. From a concept they have put together an excellent platform to help our operation and have been instrumental in bringing in a significant amount of work as a result. The service has been excellent with the guys always available and mods being completed in a short time frame and on a great budget. Highly recommended.

Lee Warltier


V88 always approached our project in a fast and timely manner with a clear discussion before any work was completed. Whenever there were any questions or topics that needed answering or discussing, V88 and Oscar always got in touch, and we had a detailed 2-way conversation about what we wanted and how it would work functionally. They were great to work with, and V88 are the only company I'd consider working with. They are always available and ready to offer any support needed, even after the project has been completed. Nothing is too much for the guys at V88, and I expect to continue having a great relationship with the whole team. The results have been fantastic. With our project, we very much wanted to run our own app and build it out ourselves to reduce costs and be able to handle small issues internally however, whenever we needed a more complex task completed, Oscar and the rest of the team were there to help and at a great price. They have always offered great support, advice and guidance. We are already using them again. V88 are the only people we trust to handle our more complex tasks, and we don’t see any need to go elsewhere when we have such a great professional relationship.

Darren Harding

Compliance & Training Manager

“We have removed our dependance on multiple spreadsheets and enhanced our group collaboration overnight. The team love the app’s simplicity and clarity in terms of event and communication management.”

Marika Olsen

Director of Communications

V88 are a ridiculously good agency. They spent a great deal of time understanding our business, what we wanted to achieve and who the end users would be.

Jackie Doone


“Mark and Oscar impressed us with their ability to listen and learn about our organisation extremely quickly. Their drive to understand how we worked and how they could compliment this with the app build made us feel in safe hands. V88 are excellent at communicating, and are there every step of the way offering clear jargon-free advice and guidance. They invest in their customers, and it is obvious they enjoy producing something everyone is happy and proud of. So far V88 have met our expectations and no problem has been insurmountable. Our project has been well used by our core and extended team and streamlined many of our current systems. We have asked V88 to build another project with/for us which will become integral to our service delivery to our stakeholders. We are looking forward to working with Mark and Oscar in the future.“

Nick Howdle

Education Hub Leader

I was recommended V88 to help design and build a portal for a new business venture…..their approach has been fantastic since the off….the ideas and visions that I had were totally understood and executed by their team perfectly….they have been there to guide and suggest ideas throughout the whole process to get the best results from my vision and they completely nailed it. They have gone above and beyond what I expected and I would not hesitate to recommend V88 to anyone!

Claire Hartwell

Founder, CEO


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How quick can we make a custom tool or app?

It depends on what you need, but usually, it's done in 30 days or less. We'll keep you in the loop every week.

Will you help me after the app is made?

Yes, we're here for the long run. We'll keep helping, updating, and you can always call us.

What's the price to make an app or tool with you?

Most clients pay 80% less than traditional methods.

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