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Our Clients

We have been lucky to work with some fantastic clients across a wide range of sectors. We've learnt a lot and delivered some transformational solutions. Here's a sample of recent projects. Click through to see the actual apps in more detail.

Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau wanted a simple and innovative way for members of the public to gain access to their new "Let's Talk Money" campaign - which is all about providing advice and assistance to those with financial struggles. An app gave the ability for the people to literally have these resources in their pocket.

"We've really enjoyed working with the team at V88. They listened closely to what we wanted, were really flexible, and came up with some great ideas. Overall it's been a fantastic experience."


Silverbirch are multi award-winning boutique specialists in residential property sales and lettings. Founder Laila Safaee provides her clients with truly bespoke, friendly and exceptional professional service. We helped her do even more with a V88 app.

“The app has allowed us to provide an even better service to our clients, keeping them fully in the loop and rewarding them. It also helps my internal team by simplifying the processes involved in running a busy agency.”

Loving Life Lillie

Loving Life Lillie is a soulful community of like-minded individuals, practising yoga, meditation, fitness and mindfulness. Founder Lillie Sadar had a vision for an app that would be transformational to her students' wellbeing, enabling them to practice anytime and anywhere and to journal their progress.

“The positive feedback from my community has been literally breathtaking. Members love the convenience, the simple access to content and the fabulous journal. It also happens to be beautiful.”


EDAS provide award winning support to transform the lives of local people affected by substance misuse. CEO Dr Mindy Bartlett asked us to build the EDAS Connect platform for her clients to provide updates on progress and also shout for help. We were proud to help with a V88 app.

“It's so important for us to remain engaged with our clients and the app has been very successful in that respect. It also provides an insight to client progress over a period of time.”

Urban Pad

Urban Pad are a highly professional organisation specialising in multiple occupancy property management. Founder Giles Calvert-Lee wanted to improve collaboration between staff, tenants and contractors. We helped him bring his vision to reality with a bespoke V88 app.

“The app has given us a single place to manage issues, provide feedback, schedule visits and even record inspections. It’s increased our effectiveness and delighted our tenants.”


Evolve provides access to an incredible community of business leaders with support through peer groups and coaching. Founder Warren Munson was keen to provide subscribers with an app to measure their personal and business health.

"We are at phase one of our plans for the app and already the feedback has been remarkable. Watch this space!"

Total Therapy

Total Therapy are a forward thinking practice offering a range of therapies that include physiotherapy and chiropractic services. V88 built the Health Agility app to manage client episodes, set goals and capture feedback on recovery.

"Being able to communicate so easily with our patients is vital to achieving swift and clean recovery. "

Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice have an excellent network of independent charities that offer a range of confidential advice in person, and digitally, for free. Their mission is to provide UK citizens with the knowledge and confidence that they need in each individual circumstance. In the year 2019-20, over 30 million people visited their website, and nearly 2,000,000 people were advised through their phone, email and webchat services.

Phase 1 of the app was deployed with a vision to provide useful resources in a more accessible format. With the consistent increase in smartphone usage, a mobile app seemed like a logical next step - providing citizens with access to help services in their pocket!

The phase 1 content of the app revolves around the "Let's Talk Money" campaign, centred around providing easily accessible financial advice.


  • FAQ feed for quick and easy access

  • Financial tips

  • Meet the team

  • Partners

  • Contact page

Silverbirch Estate Agency

Silverbirch wanted to increase engagement with their clients by offering even higher levels of customer service, particularly during the restrictions imposed by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Their app allows customers to join the Silverbirch Club and benefit from an exciting concierge service, a generous rewards system and a range of other exclusive features such as off market property opportunities. 

Additionally, they decided to enhance the app further in order to manage internal processes such as sales and letting progression and tenancy management. This has allowed the team to centralise their systems, provide more visibility to clients and streamline their working day at significantly reduced cost compared to previous systems. 

Deploying the app has provided Silverbirch with a fantastic new channel for reaching out to their clients, rewarding them and keeping them up to date with the rapidly changing market.


  • Featured partners

  • Concierge service

  • Client loyalty scheme

  • Sales progression

  • Website integration

  • Tenancy management

Loving Life Lillie

Lillie Sardar has built the Loving Life Community with a passion to provide her members with everything that they need for a complete wellness journey. Her aim is to make everyone the best version of themselves that they can be, through a combination of exercise, meditation and mentoring. Her vision for an app was to create a transformational wellness hub that would be available anytime and anywhere. This is only in the first phase and Lillie has buckets of ideas for the app moving forwards.

The Loving Life app provides access to on demand content, registration for live courses, Lillie’s inspirational blog and a beautiful private journal for every member. Everything has been designed with care to ensure that it’s simple and quick to access. Nothing should get in the way of quickly journalling an important thought, taking a perfect five minute meditation break or even embarking on a 30 minute exercise challenge.

The journalling has been particularly popular with Loving Life members as this is something that Lillie highlights in her teaching. Photos can be attached as they can often help to express oneself better than words and there is also an option to record how you’re feeling for future review. Members can even log classes that they’ve attended along with notes before and after.


  • On demand class library

  • Live class bookings

  • Podcasts

  • Blog

  • Community messages

Feedback from Lillie's Clients

Lillie's awesome app promo video

EDAS Connect App

EDAS wanted to ensure that all clients could provide regular feedback to the EDAS team so that support and mentoring could be maintained even during the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Simple and regular contact is a vital part of the recovery process.

The EDAS Connect app allows all clients to provide daily feedback to the skilled key worker team based on a red, amber, green rating system. This equates to “not managing”, “feeling ok” and “feeling great.” The team can provide assistance where required and easily focus on clients that are struggling. For quick contact, the app supports responses from the team directly to client updates.

EDAS also use the app to publish the latest news and information relating to their clients, along with high priority messages about dangerous substances available on the street. Deploying the EDAS Connect app has allowed the EDAS team to provide an even better level of support to their clients and ensure that those in difficulty can be identified as quickly as possible. More recently a private journaling feature has also been introduced.


  • Simple client updates

  • Quick team responses

  • Private journaling

  • News and urgent updates

  • Daily inspirational quote

  • Trend reporting

  • Client progress analysis

Urban Pad Properties

Urban Pad manage a range of multiple occupancy properties to exacting standards. In order to deliver the very best levels of service, their staff, tenants and contractors need to communicate effectively. Using a combination of messaging apps, phone calls, emails and even written letters can make this extremely difficult.

The Urban Pad app provides a single central place for staff, tenants and contractors to record issues. They can then comment in more detail and provide real time updates on progress, even attaching photos where needed. Every issue is logged and everybody stays in the loop. A full audit trail is also maintained for future reference.

There are many subtleties within the app, reflecting its bespoke nature. For example, whilst all tenants sharing a property generally have sight of all issues reported, they can choose to remain anonymous or even flag an issue as private for the Urban Staff team only. Upcoming visits to the property can also be scheduled and made visible to tenants and the Urban Staff team can even record their inspections, with notes and photos, whilst on site.


  • Central location for reported issues

  • Issue progress tracking

  • Staff, tenant and contractor comments

  • Audit trail

  • Scheduled visit log

  • On-site inspection recording

Evolve Members

Evolve's members community allows like-minded business owners to support each other through peer groups and coaching along with the provision of high level training and development. All this is done through regular events, webinars and a weekly podcast.

The Evolve members app allows business owners to regularly track their personal and business growth over time, by assessing themselves monthly across a number of categories. The app uses an algorithm to convert qualitative feedback into quantitative data. Not only does this help identify areas for improvement, it also motivates users to produce a higher score each month.

Deployment of the app has provided Evolve with yet another great platform from which they can support their members. Additional features include access to the blog and podcast in-app, so users can easily read or listen on the go.


  • Business tips

  • Networking

  • Monthly progress assessment

  • Progress tracking over time

  • Educational blog

Total Therapy

The Covid-19 pandemic made it extremely difficult for the Total Therapy Team to maintain regular patient contact and drive recovery. They needed a simple way to engage and work with patients remotely.

Their app allows clinicians to manage episodes of care and create goals for their patients to work towards. Additionally, patients can answer a regular, structured questionnaire to provide quantifiable feedback on their progress.

Total Therapy also use the app to analyse the overvall trends for patient recovery across the practice in order to constantly improve their offering. Deploying the app has allowed the team to provide an even better level of support to their patients and provide effective motivation through goals to drive faster recovery.


  • Goal setting

  • Patient updates

  • Clinician responses

  • Exercise reminders

  • Recovery analysis

  • Photographic feedback

Why v88?

Sensible Pricing

V88 was established to meet the growing need from smaller businesses for high quality apps that don’t cost the earth. We use the very latest technologies to build apps that our customers love and deliver them in days not months. And we do all of this at a price that makes sense.

Experience & Innovation

The team at V88 have many years of experience in the design, development and deployment of rock solid technology solutions. But we’re also not stuck in the past. We adopt modern technologies and use modern techniques, building on our foundations to deliver apps that are both reliable and beautiful.

The best service

Our support model is different too. We don’t just build you an app, hand it over and then walk away. We’re available every day of the week for queries, tweaks, updates or even to just try out something new. There’s no charge for this. It’s part of the V88 service and it keeps your app current and fresh.

"These guys brought my vision to life, working with me every step of the way, and I'm forever grateful for their passion and enthusiasm"

Common Scenarios

Working closely with our customers, to bring their dreams and visions to reality, we find common scenarios that repeat across different sectors and businesses. Here are some examples:

Client Engagement

We all know how important it is to engage with your customers. Trust, retention and great communication are key. We see this in sectors such as heath, fitness and clinical services. In fact whenever our customers have clients who they need to reach out to and get feedback from.

V88 apps are perfect for keeping your clients updated, sharing information with them and asking for feedback. Either individually, in groups or as a community. Post articles, receive comments, gather information or even publish a range of bespoke media. It’s all possible and it all builds on your relationship.

"I needed a way to reach out to my community to deliver a better service and get their feedback. The app has revolutionised the way I do this, and my clients are delighted."

Project Collaboration

Managing projects can be painful. Older tools focus on charts and algorithms whilst more modern alternatives tend to be expensive and web-based. We think projects are best managed when all parties are able to collaborate clearly and easily in a familiar environment. We have customers that manage a variety of projects, from property portfolios to IT infrastructures.

V88 apps make project collaboration a breeze. They ensure that everybody stays on the same page with the latest view of everything. Real-time comments and a variety of notification options keep the team involved and can even include clients where appropriate (e.g. tenants in a property management scenario). Additionally, a full audit trail helps to meet legislative requirements.

"Our app has made it so simple to see who needs to do what next. And we can include our clients so that everybody stays on the same page... It's fantastic!"

Loyalty & Awards

Building a base of loyal customers can be difficult but well worth the effort. Loyalty deserves some form of reward and our customers have built this feature into their apps across sectors ranging from estate agency to hospitality. An award system keeps your customers motivated, lets you engage more closely with them and will typically lead to repeat or new business.

V88 apps include full user profile functionality. In its simplest form this allows your customers to update their details and their preferences. But it can also be extended to include a flexible awards system in no time. You determine what awards are due and when, for example gift some points for a fantastic referral or when a goal is complete. If appropriate you can even publish a leader board for that extra bit of motivation.

"We are lucky to have amazing customers that are really loyal and we wanted to reward them. The app lets us do this so easily and we're already seeing amazing benefits."

Behind the Scenes

We build our apps to be as beautiful and as simple to use as possible. User adoption is everything and so every ounce of complexity needs to be hidden wherever possible. But behind the scenes our V88 platform has a wide range of capabilities that allow us to address almost any customer requirement.


V88 apps support both iOS and Android operating systems, across mobile phones and tablets. They also scale for full desktop use as dedicated “apps” or within your favourite browser, across macOS, Windows and even Linux. Many of our customers run an Admin app on their desktop that interfaces with a Client mobile app for their customers.


V88 apps handle authentication based on email (whitelisted or public) using a PIN to confirm identity. This is a simple yet secure method of confirming user credentials. In certain scenarios it can also be useful to include an approval step so that registered users are accepted by an administrator before proceeding.


V88 apps support secure webhooks as a means to communicate to and from 3rd party systems. This allows us, for example, to automatically update content from a website or instantly approve a customer within the app once payment has been made. Webhooks hold the modern internet together and we embrace all that they offer.


V88 apps provide a variety of options for understanding how your app is performing. Whilst your customers will definitely tell you that they love it, you also need to know how they’re using it. For this reason we include Admin views with bespoke charts and trends, automatic export in a format of your choice and full integration with Google Analytics.


V88 apps take your data seriously. A variety of options are available to ensure data protection and confidentiality. Protected data is always filtered server-side so the wrong information can never hit a user’s device. Even email addresses can be fully anonymised. And we never, ever share your data with any third parties. It’s your data. Always.

Smart Websites

V88 apps can be driven by website interaction. For example, you can easily use a website to promote your service and allow customer payment. This can automatically trigger your app to add a new user account and even contact your customer with instructions on how to download the app and register. In fact we often find ourselves creating apps with integrated companion websites.

The Problem

Successful property management requires clear and consistent communication between all parties. Unfortunately this is rarely the case.

  • Issues are reported via phone, text, email and even in writing

  • No central location for issue management

  • No easy way to keep tenants informed on progress

  • Contractors are often not in the loop

  • No audit trail for future reference

V88 As A Solution

Let's take Urban Pad Properties for example:

V88 provided Urban Pad with a simple and reliable central location for issue management, and lets them keep tenants, contractors and staff informed along every step of the way... And it's ALL AUTOMATED...

Urban Pad manage a number of HMOs in Bournemouth and Poole. The generic platforms available to them provided no way for tenants to submit issues that other tenants in the same property could see, while still providing tenants with the option to keep an issue private if they wanted to.

After discussions with the owner, Giles, it was clear he was also experiencing a number of the more common issues we listed above.

The Urban Pad tenant app was designed to allow all of this to happen seamlessly. Here's how the urban pad app flow works...

  • A tenant submits an issue from the tenant app.

  • All tenants in the same property are notified, and can view this issue in their app (to eradicate duplication). Other tenants can also comment on this issue.

  • The Urban Pad team are notified of this issue - which they can also view in their staff app, as can their contractors, who also have accounts. Staff can comment on the issue, and update the status of it, which all tenants in the property are notified about.

  • Finally, if required, the Urban Pad team will schedule a visit to the property where a contractor will resolve the issue. Tenants will be notified about this.

Example Tenant App Views

Example Staff App Views


View all properties in the portfolio, upload new properties, click into a property to see all issues, visits, inspections and tenants associated with it.


A view of all outstanding issues across all properties - providing a clear view of what needs doing. Closed (resolved) issues are also stored and can be viewed.


A view of current issues sorted by those with the most recent comments, a bit like a notification centre.

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User Communities

As the world moves to digital it becomes easier to build and maintain a community of loyal users. Interactions are no longer constrained by geography or time. Platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp provide some basic tools to help you build a community but it's not really yours. It's theirs, and you have little control. Creating your own community app changes that.


There are a range of immediate benefits when you introduce or enhance your existing service with a dedicated community app.

  • Your vision in your users' hands precisely how you want it

  • Your message not hidden in the depths of users' social feeds

  • Your content made available on demand in a range of formats

  • Your users' privacy and confidentiality protected with zero data sharing


A dedicated community app can provide a wide range of features tailored precisely to your services and your users' requirements. They can be introduced in phases or based on membership level.

➜ Blog

Use a blog to deliver insightful and motivational content to your community. Let them know what you're thinking and provide generic guidance and advice

➜ Courses

Deliver courses or similar content using a range of formats including audio, podcast and video. Restrict items to premier users and even allow purchasing in-app.

➜ Discussions

Create discussions within your community and allow users to contribute with or without moderation. Support for anonymous submissions is useful in certain scenarios.

➜ Goals & Feedback

Set community goals for users or allow them to create and manage their own personal targets. Collect feedback to gauge progress and provide motivation via leader boards if appropriate.

➜ Journal & Privacy

Journaling lets your users record their own thoughts and feelings, even adding photos. This can serve as a record of their progress or just something they want to revert back to.

Our Customer Communities

Laila Safaee - Founder, Silverbirch

Silverbirch are multi award-winning boutique specialists in residential property sales and lettings. Founder Laila Safaee provides her clients with truly bespoke, friendly and exceptional professional service. We helped her do even more with a V88 app.

Our app includes an award scheme for our community members and a fantastic concierge service

Lillie Sardar - Founder, Loving Life

Loving Life Lillie is a soulful community of like-minded individuals, practising yoga, meditation, fitness and mindfulness. Founder Lillie Sadar had a vision for an app that would be transformational to her students' wellbeing, enabling them to practice anytime and anywhere and to journal their progress.

Our app lets members practice on demand and record their thoughts and personal goals

Mindy Bartlett - CEO, EDAS

EDAS provide award winning support to transform the lives of local people affected by substance misuse. CEO Dr Mindy Bartlett asked us to build the EDAS Connect platform for her clients to provide updates on progress and also shout for help. We were proud to help with a V88 app.

Our app lets clients provide daily feedback and engage with the team through messaging