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Transforming Business Operations: How V88's No-Code App Solution Significantly Reduced Operating Costs for Amirez

Shan Seewooruthun
Managing Director
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Manual administrative work consumes an average of 54 hours per month (652 hours per year) for project managers, significantly affecting productivity. This hindrance to efficiency was a familiar plight for Amirez, whose core operations were heavily reliant on manual intervention and email communications. This challenging landscape led Amirez to V88, a pioneer in the realm of no-code app solutions custom-made for diverse business needs. This article is a testament to the significant transformation Amirez underwent with V88's solution, reflected in a remarkable 25% reduction in operating costs.

Identifying the Challenges

Amirez, much like various other businesses, found their proficiency wavering due to their over-reliance on manual work and lengthy email threads. Such processes not only drained their resources but also significantly spiked their operational costs. The absence of a centralized, automated system resulted in the lack of actionable business insights, affecting strategic decisions and growth plans. Moreover, this inefficiency trickle-down impacted their client services, inadvertently affecting their market reputation.

V88's Tailored Solution

To address these setbacks, V88 aimed to transform Amirez's operational scenarios. With Glide, their no-code platform, V88 created an app solution that was swift, user-friendly, and adaptable. The app's primary objective was to streamline operations through an automated system, drastically reducing manual work and correspondence. This targeted solution was devised to ease Amirez's journey towards becoming an insights-driven, efficient business model.

The Impact of V88's App on Amirez's Operations

Amirez embraced V88's solution as it brought exciting improvements. The automation saved a lot of time, cut costs, and made operations more efficient. Customers enjoyed faster and better services. The app also provided real-time insights, helping the business make informed decisions. Plus, the app could easily adapt and scale with the business, ensuring its long-term use.

In a short time, V88's app made a big difference to how Amirez worked. Costs went down a lot, by 25%, which really helped the business. Things ran smoother which meant work could be done faster. This helped improve their service to clients and made them look better in the market. Because they were now working in a more modern way, there were lots of chances for Amirez to grow and try new things.


This story shows the strong impact of no-code apps like V88. Amirez's testimonial highlights how V88 can help businesses. It can make them more efficient, lower their costs, and help them grow. For more inspiring stories and useful tips, sign up for our newsletter to get updates straight to your inbox.

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Our solution removes the previous reliance on email, saves us time, provides our clients with a much better service and provides insights into the business. It’s already changing the way that we work and we have lots of ideas for the next stage of expansion.

Shan Seewooruthun

Managing Director


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