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Marika Olsen
Director of Communications
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Client Background

“V88 have removed our dependance on multiple spreadsheets and enhanced our group collaboration overnight.”

Marika Olsen, the Director of Communications for the Centers, had a vision for a new way the Columbia Global Centers could work together. Her goal was to enhance the synergy between each of them, particularly in organizing events and streamlining the associated marketing and communication efforts.


The challenge was to overcome the limitations of conventional collaboration methods, like multiple spreadsheets, which were hindering efficient communication and coordination. Marika aimed to unify these processes into a more cohesive and effective system.


We developed the CGC app to fulfill this vision. It provided a unified platform for global centers to manage every aspect of their events, including participant coordination, task assignment, resource allocation, and performance tracking. The app also facilitated help requests and collaborative interactions among colleagues through shared tasks and comments.


Our approach was centered on creating a global collaboration platform that was both flexible and user-friendly. The focus was on integrating essential functionalities like social media automation, task management, and resource sharing in a streamlined interface.


  1. Global Collaboration Interface: We built a platform that allowed seamless collaboration across global centers.
  2. Integrated Social Media Automation: We facilitated effective event marketing and communication through automated social media tools.
  3. Flexible Task and Resource Management: We implemented versatile tools for managing tasks, sharing resources, and enabling team discussions.


  • Metrics: The CGC app made working together much easier. It helped centralize and streamline 5 complex spreadsheets and saved over 5 hours per week in managing global events.

Lessons Learned

This project highlighted how useful it is to combine many tasks into one main place for better efficiency. It also showed how important easy-to-navigate design is for making users willing to use it.


The development of the CGC app has successfully transformed the collaborative dynamics within the Centers. Its success is a testament to the power of nocode solutions in enhancing organizational communication and streamlining complex collaborative processes.

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“We have removed our dependance on multiple spreadsheets and enhanced our group collaboration overnight. The team love the app’s simplicity and clarity in terms of event and communication management.”

Marika Olsen

Director of Communications


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