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“V88 are a ridiculously good agency.”

Client Background

The Seribus team, with more than 20 years of experience, saw the need for a game-changing custom tool in the UK's waste management and landfill area. Their goal was to assist waste processors in staying compliant with the intricate tax legislation governing their industry.


The main challenge was compliance in waste management, which posed a significant compliance burden on UK waste processors. Seribus aimed to simplify this process, ensuring both compliance and operational efficiency.


The Seribus client portal was developed as a comprehensive digital tool. This portal enables waste processors to collaboratively create, publish, and update waste audit reports with the guidance of the Seribus team. It also allows for seamless export of these audits as PDF documents for submission to environmental agencies.


Our approach was grounded in thorough understanding and simplification. We focused on distilling complex audit reports into key components, making them more accessible and manageable for the end users.


  1. Collaborative Report Generation: We facilitated a collaborative environment for generating comprehensive audit reports.
  2. Automated PDF Exports: We implemented a feature for automatic conversion of reports into PDF format for easy distribution.
  3. Enhanced Communication Tools: We incorporated automated email reminders and mobile-based image uploads for streamlined operations.


  • Metrics: 480 hours a year on manual transcriptions of audits.
  • Testimonials:
“V88 are a ridiculously good agency. They spent a great deal of time understanding our business, what we wanted to achieve and who the end users would be. They took the current audit reports and distilled them down to the key areas for development. To work with, they were first rate. Very responsive to all requests, asked insightful questions and very helpful. All agreed timescales have been adhered too. We are extremely happy with the results and would definitely use them again.”

Lessons Learned

The project highlighted the importance of customizing digital solutions to industry-specific needs and the effectiveness of user-friendly tools in simplifying complex regulatory processes.


The development and deployment of the Seribus client portal mark a significant advancement in nocode compliance tools for the waste management sector. Its success demonstrates the impact of custom apps in meeting specific industry challenges and improving operational efficiency.

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V88 are a ridiculously good agency. They spent a great deal of time understanding our business, what we wanted to achieve and who the end users would be.

Jackie Doone



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