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Increasing Operational Efficiency Across 50 U.S. States

Annie Whalen
Sr. Manager, Development & Special Projects
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❝ We are so grateful we found V88. We are very happy! Our project is complex but they feel like true partners who will face future challenges with us. We would definitely use them again. ❞

Client Background

At V88, we were honored to partner with REFORM Alliance, an organization dedicated to creating meaningful pathways back into society for those re-entering. Their mission, aimed at changing laws, systems, and culture for the better, was hampered by operational challenges that hindered their ability to efficiently manage and streamline their efforts.


REFORM Alliance was grappling with several pressing issues: inefficient handling of forms, difficulties in locating and scheduling hearings, and the absence of a solid feedback and analytics mechanism. These challenges underscored the urgent need for a digital transformation to enhance their operational efficiency.


Recognizing the complexity of these challenges, we leveraged our expertise as a premier No-Code agency specializing in Glide to develop a custom app solution for REFORM Alliance. Our approach was centered on not just addressing the immediate needs but ensuring a scalable, impactful solution that aligns with their mission.


We adopted a phased and detailed approach, ensuring transparency and efficiency at every stage. By immersing ourselves in the vision and challenges of REFORM Alliance, we were able to tailor a solution that not only met but exceeded their expectations. Our methodology was grounded in a deep understanding of their needs, driven by a commitment to creating a solution that resonates with their goals.


  • Streamlined Hearing Forms Management: We developed an intuitive system for managing hearing forms, simplifying the process and enhancing accessibility.
  • Intuitive Hearing Search Function: Our solution included a simple search function that allows users to easily locate hearings, saving time and improving operational flow.
  • In-App Feedback Mechanism: We integrated a feedback system within the app to foster community engagement and gather valuable insights for continuous improvement.
  • Smart Analytics Integration: Our app features powerful analytics tools, integrating with platforms like Google, JotForms, and AirTable to enable robust data analysis and insights.


The implementation of our custom app marked a significant improvement in REFORM Alliance’s operational capabilities. It revolutionized their process for managing hearings, scheduling, and community engagement across all 50 states. Our solution enabled REFORM to achieve a level of efficiency and impact that was previously unattainable, highlighting the transformative power of tailored digital solutions.

❝ We chose V88 because they asked all the right questions from the outset. They also showed passion for our project. When we agreed to move forward, they broke the project down into phases with a clear timeline and deliverables so that we never had to worry. Throughout, V88 has been communicative, quick to respond and relentlessly committed to the project’s success. They are also very good humored. We are so grateful we found them. We are very happy! Our project is complex but they feel like true partners who will face future challenges with us. We would definitely use them again.❞ — Annie Whalen Manager, Special Projects, REFORM Alliance

❝ The v88 team is a refreshing balance of delightful personability and focused problem solver. They approached our project with the passion of a true ally. Working with V88 has been a privilege. It is clear that our success is theirs! They are terrific communicators, and make themselves available to us with significant flexibility. I don't think our team could be more pleased. We would absolutely use them again! In fact, we have other Justice Tech projects in the organization's project-pipeline. We see V88 as a trusted, and hopefully, long-term partner. ❞ —Skye Williamson, Engagement Fellow, REFORM Alliance


Our collaboration with REFORM Alliance transcended a typical client-service provider relationship; it was a partnership founded on shared values and goals. This approach fostered a deep sense of mutual success and satisfaction, underscoring the importance of aligning with partners who share a commitment to achieving impactful outcomes.

Lessons Learned

This project reinforced the critical importance of understanding and aligning with our client’s unique challenges and objectives. It showcased the value of custom digital solutions in not just solving problems but also empowering organizations to more effectively fulfill their missions.


Our journey with REFORM Alliance exemplifies the potential of custom app solutions to drive significant organizational transformations. By working closely with REFORM, we not only addressed their operational challenges but also equipped them with the tools to more effectively pursue their noble mission. This partnership is a testament to how technology, when thoughtfully applied, can significantly enhance an organization's ability to achieve its vision.

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We feel so lucky to have found V88. From day one they showed passion for our project, asked us all the right questions and helped us to find the best solution when we faced challenges. The speed at which they develop with No-code opened doors that we didn't know existed.

Annie Whalen

Sr. Manager, Development & Special Projects


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