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Increasing Operational Efficiency Across 50 U.S. States

Annie Whalen
Sr. Manager, Development & Special Projects
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We welcome you to the inspiring digital transformation story of REFORM Alliance. REFORM Alliance passionately works toward changing laws, systems, and culture to create realistic pathways to work and well-being for people re-entering society. Despite its noble vision, REFORM faced significant operational management challenges before partnering with V88.

Unpacking the Challenges

REFORM Alliance needed an efficient way to manage and streamline its operations, and the urgently required digitalisation brought its own set of challenges. Their predicament was genuinely representative of an organization in need of a significant overhaul, with pressing issues such as a cumbersome form-handling process, difficulty in locating and scheduling hearings, and an ineffective feedback mechanism. The challenges didn’t end there; REFORM needed a robust analytics mechanism which was conspicuously missing in their workflow.

Finding the Perfect No-Code Solution Partner

To tackle these complex challenges, REFORM Alliance found an ally in V88, a leading No-Code agency specialising in Glide. V88’s adept problem-solving capabilities, stringent process execution, and unwavering commitment to the client’s success tipped the scales in their favour. Moreover, as REFORM affirms, “V88 feels like true partners who will face future challenges with us.”

V88’s Custom App Solution

V88 delivered a comprehensive, phased approach towards tackling the reform Alliance's unique problems. From offering a detailed timeline to delivering measurable milestones, V88 ensured smooth project execution. What emerged from this engagement was a transformative app solution with stunning features: a comprehensive library of hearing forms, a simple search function to locate hearings, an in-app feedback mechanism to foster community, and a smart integration system with Google, JotForms and AirTable, paving the way for powerful analytics.

From Execution to Effective Implementation

This journey wasn't just about creating an app; it was about empowering an organization to be more effective in its mission. V88 worked hand-in-hand with REFORM Alliance, ingraining themselves in their ethos, understanding the unique needs, and calibrating the app to meet and exceed those needs. This ensured that not only was the final product a technical masterpiece, but it also resonated with REFORM Alliance's fundamentals and objectives.


Often, the proof of the pudding lies in eating. The V88 solution revolutionised the way REFORM Alliance operated across all 50 US States, managing hearing forms, scheduling courthouses, and effectively building a comprehensive court-watching community. Efficient data management coupled with potent analytics further established the app’s omnipresent utility. With these changes, REFORM Alliance witnessed improved efficiency breakthrough transformations within their organization.

A Win-Win Partnership

Looking back at REFORM’s journey with V88 brings a sense of accomplishment. The partnership forged wasn’t just about meeting goals but about shared ideologies and mutual successes. The unanimous approval and satisfaction echoed by REFORM validates the effectiveness of V88's partnership approach. It’s not just about delivering a solution; it’s about sharing the journey, the challenges, and the eventual success.


The story of the REFORM Alliance is a testament to the power of custom app solutions, particularly in the hands of experts like V88. The transformation from being challenged with operational management to efficiently functioning across 50 U.S. states is a phenomenal journey.

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We feel so lucky to have found V88. From day one they showed passion for our project, asked us all the right questions and helped us to find the best solution when we faced challenges. The speed at which they develop with No-code opened doors that we didn't know existed.

Annie Whalen

Sr. Manager, Development & Special Projects


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