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Wilshire Music Connect

How A Custom Nocode App Saved Wiltshire Music Connect 72 Hours a Month

Nick Howdle
Education Hub Leader
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“Our project has been well used by our core and extended team and streamlined many of our current systems.”

Client Background

Music Connect, an organization deeply rooted in the realm of music education, operates across a broad spectrum of schools and musical disciplines. Their mission revolves around enhancing the quality of music education, tracking the progress of students, and managing various educational initiatives.


Music Connect faced the complex task of gathering and analyzing feedback from about 250 schools. They needed a streamlined method to track the progress of students in different music disciplines while managing information about funding and grants.


The Music Connect app emerged as the tailored solution. Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, it enabled partners to update school progress on initiatives like First Access, and manage data related to funding and other grants.


Our approach prioritized user-friendliness and data integrity. We engaged in thorough discussions with Music Connect to understand their operational intricacies, ensuring the app we developed complemented their existing processes seamlessly.


  1. User-Friendly Design: Creating an interface that was intuitive and easy for school partners to navigate.
  2. Robust Data Validation: Implementing stringent input validation to maintain high data integrity and reliability.
  3. Progress Tracking System: Incorporating an audit feature to track updates and measure progress effectively.


  • Metrics: The app significantly improved the efficiency of data collection and analysis, saving the team 72 hours a month, with positive feedback on its ease of use and reliability.

Lessons Learned

This project showed how important it is to talk clearly and really understand what the client needs. It also showed how good it is to create solutions that can change and grow easily in places where people learn.


The creation and launch of the Music Connect app was a big step forward in managing music education feedback and progress in many schools. It shows how working together and using nocode tools like Glide can improve the way we teach.

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“Mark and Oscar impressed us with their ability to listen and learn about our organisation extremely quickly. Their drive to understand how we worked and how they could compliment this with the app build made us feel in safe hands. V88 are excellent at communicating, and are there every step of the way offering clear jargon-free advice and guidance. They invest in their customers, and it is obvious they enjoy producing something everyone is happy and proud of. So far V88 have met our expectations and no problem has been insurmountable. Our project has been well used by our core and extended team and streamlined many of our current systems. We have asked V88 to build another project with/for us which will become integral to our service delivery to our stakeholders. We are looking forward to working with Mark and Oscar in the future.“

Nick Howdle

Education Hub Leader


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